The Museum of Valeč was founded in 2008 at the 650. anniversary of founding the baroque town of Valeč in Bohemia. Spaces of the museum were devided into two parts. The first one speaks about history of the baroque town and its noble families, who used to live there, the furniture of the period and figurines of Lords of Valeč. The Seconds part was intended for exhibition purposes. That time NADACE Valeč v Čechách (The Foundation Valeč in Bohemia) and some other institutions, stood behind all this work. From the existing evidence we can learn about 'A false baroness', a patroness and honourable female citizen of Valeč, who opened the museum at the opening ceremony with a lot of famous people from whole Europe present, and right after that she misteriously disappeared. She has left debts and embittered citizens behind herself, but on the other hand she made this small village famous. In 2013 the building came to private hands and went through a total reconstruction (it was originally a shop) from a shop to a museum with the café.

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