The Museum's history begins not long ago - in June 2013, when the museum was reopened to the public. The building got a brand new facade and purpose. Thanks to the owners and their effort to conserve this modest collection of old objects and step by step to enrich it by other items. This all is happening thanks to the gifts of visitors who have grown fond of this place, and loans from the locals, but also thanks to the contributions of the donnors, who have by chance found this museum on the website. To all of them we would like to express our big thanks.

In the present time, the museum offers a steady exposition of historical crafts, a demonstration of a traditional village dwelling and even The Castle spaces. There are also local folk costumes and male costumes. A part of the exposition are also copies of the coats of arms which used to belong to the local lords. The last interesting part is a collection of the Štampachs' portraits and other related families. In the course of the year, also a couple of short-term expositions take place in here.

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An absorbing presentation is complemented by a documentary film about Valeč, covering historical facts about expulsion of Sudeten Germans (who were original inhabitants of this part of the Czech Republic). The film will be in Czech and German.

A brand new thing for our visitors are guided visits of the museum and also all the Valeč town + its surroundings. In case you are interested, you can order this tour with us.

The Museum has its own tourist card, a tourist tag and a stamp to your travel diary. There is a cyclists' guide for cyclists and new beautifully illustrated maps with a useful commentary for those who plan walking trips. You can buy them here and there are also a couple of souvenirs.

The Museum is private, it wasn't supported by any grand or subsidy. It is being run only thanks to a few volunteers.

The Museum of Valeč is to be found in the street Široká, just a few steps away from the square with the Church of Saint John the Baptist.

We are looking forward to your visit.